Red Rechargable LED Badge

Red Rechargable LED Badge

  • $18.98

Rechargeable scrolling LED name badge, ideal for many applications or events. Use for party's, waiters, sales reps or use as a scrolling marquis with you models. This fun and versatile item draws attention where ever it's used. This item comes in a variety of colors, select your color from the drop down menu.


  1. Screen size: (85 x 23mm)
  2. Overall size: (93 x 30 x 6mm) Plastic body
  3. Battery: (Rechargeable 210mAh)
  4. Attachment: (Built in safety pin or magnetic clip)
  5. Messages: (Program 8 individual or sequencing messages)
  6. Speed: (8 speed settings)
  7. Brightness: (4 levels of luminance)
  8. Features: (Select from a variety of scrolling functions)
  9. Programs from most computers (Mini CD included, or download available)
  10. Included Micro USB cord

Programming Software: (*click here to download*)