About us

B&B Hobby Supplies has been and continues to be a family owned and operated business catering to hobby enthusiasts of all backgrounds!  We are proud to celebrate 30 years of providing the best customer service and hope to continue that through our online platform here at HobbyTools.com!

Family Owned and Operated

Founded in 1990 by Bill and Brynne Allcorn, B&B Hobby Supplies is a family run business that travels to a variety of conventions and expositions across the US!  We have a history of carrying a large selection of products and constantly add new additions to our inventory!  We continue to value responsiveness and friendly service as our core components and appreciate the loyal customers we have come to know through the years!

A Long History in the Hobby Industry

Originally opened as the Family Hobby Center in Bridgeville, PA, our business has always maintained a strong focus on catering to the needs and demands of hobby enthusiasts!  Through numerous business transformations, we have remained true to our core market and continue to look for innovative ways to serve the hobby communities!