Railroader's Tool Kit

Railroader's Tool Kit

  • $53.95

This kit features three indispensable tools for the railroad enthusiast. The combo comes bundled in a tri-fold fabric pouch.  Tools are safely stored when not in use; shear edges stay sharp longer and plier jaws stay free from nicks.  The pouch includes two unused narrow pockets ideal for storing tweezers, scribe or a straight edge.

The track cutter (a favorite of model railroaders), cutting action leaves a clean square cut on both brass and nickel silver track (sizes HO, N and Z).  For best results, position track in the center of the jaws (top to bottom).  Not for use on nichrome or other types of hard wire.

The high precision shear is a strong, durable cutter that is ideal for jewelry making and more.  Designed by a scale modeler for scale modelers.  Handle sized for stability and control.  Low profile cutting blades access hard to reach areas.  Features include high carbon steel blades that are precision ground to ultra sharp cutting edges, cushion grip, light spring return, special ultra tapered shape blades and durable flush cutter which can cut soft wire up to 22 AWG (0.8mm).

The tweezernose serrated plier has six separate milling operations on each pliers nose to ensure the blades match in size, shape and alignment.  Features include cushioned grips, light return spring and precision to pick up a human hair with the strength required for wire forming operations.

Made in the USA.