Flexible Shaft Grinder Set includes: 49pc Accessories, Max Speed: 22,000 RPM

  • $94.95

 Rotary Tool Kit Specifications:

  • Voltage: Operates at 110V/60Hz, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical outlets.

  • Max Speed: Offers a maximum speed of 22,000 RPM, providing versatile performance for various tasks.

  • Included Accessories: Comes with a comprehensive set of 49 accessories, including:
    • 1x 35" Flex-Shaft
    • 1x No. 30 Type Hand Piece (Jacobs® Chuck Compatible)
    • 1x Foot Control Pedal
    • 1x Brass Collet
    • 2x Diamond Burrs
    • 2x Twist Drills
    • 15x Cut-Off Wheels
    • 1x Sharpening Stone
    • 5x Sanding Bands
    • 3x Wool Polishing Sets
    • 2x Replacement Shaft Springs
    • 4x Adjustment Tools
  • Storage: Includes a Blow Mold Case for convenient storage and organization of accessories.

  • Suitable Applications: Ideal for drilling, grinding, sanding, polishing, and shaping various materials, including metal, acrylic, foam, and wood, offering versatility for a wide range of projects and tasks