Stain - Creosote Black - Weathering Mix

  • $12.95

Our ‘Weathering Mix’ stain is alcohol based. The benefits of using alcohol are fast drying time which helps prevent ‘warping’ of the wood and it’s easy to dilute the mix to get varying degrees of a lighter stain - just purchase a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol.  You can get a good effect on plastic, paper, cardboard or hydrocal.  Clean Up - just wash brushes in soap and water.  

Creosote Black is a popular colors used where you would like to add 'grime', 'soot', shadows or an 'oily, greasy' look to your project. For example, along the Tie structure where the rail is located, under the eaves of a roof or the top of a through bridge where the soot from the steam engine would collect. 

8 fluid ounces (240ml).