Clamp - Mini Combo Right

Clamp - Mini Combo Right

  • $32.95

This line of clamps greatly assist with many types of modeling projects.  

The Mini Combo Right Clamp is a very versatile small tool. This is a 1" 90 degree clamp.   The mini right clamp is our smallest clamp and is useful with parts that may be too small to hold by hand.  

It is compact, light weight, the metal construction holds parts gently but firmly.  The rubber clamping pads protect delicate surfaces and parts while the end screws easily adjust the jaws for part thickness.  Glue is easily applied inside or the back side of joints via the access notches.  

Product dimensions:  jaw length: 1.0" (25mm), overall length: 2.21" (56mm), base angle size: 0.4" (10mm), max jaw opening: 5/16" (8mm), weight: 0.86 oz (24g).  

Jaw Length in Scale Feet: N Scale: 160/1, 13 scale feet; HO Scale: 87/1, 7 scale feet; S Scale: 64/1, 5 scale feet;O Scale: 48/1, 4 scale feet; G Scale: 22/1, 1.8 scale feet.  

These are made in the USA.